About Roundhouse Movidas

Roundhouse Movidas is a sister publication of The Candle, an investigative on-line publication focused on advocacy journalism for working families.

Roundhouse Movidas will report what goes on behind the scenes in New Mexico state government – in the Governor’s office on the fourth floor of the Roundhouse, in the House and Senate leadership offices, and throughout state agency offices around the Land of Enchantment.

We were inspired to put this publication together by Jerry Fuentes of Truchas, who for more than four decades wandered the floors of the Roundhouse, agency offices and university labs advocating for regular working folks.

Jerry could sense a ‘movida’ developing before most reporters new what was happening at the Roundhouse.

And he could quickly determine who was being impacted.

Our goal here is to help the people who keep state government in New Mexico running every day of every year get the fair shake that so many of them have been denied by the state’s governors and legislators of both political parties.

We will be reporting on ‘movidas‘ that get in the way of good governance and reward the wealthy and well-connected individuals and interests that keep pushing the goals and needs of everyday New Mexicans out of reach.

If you know of a ‘movida’ you want exposed, please contact us and we will do our best in reporting on it.

Roundhouse Movidas will also publish press releases and media releases from New Mexico agencies as a public service to any who click on the website.

But we will label them as such … agency press releases, news.

You can contact us through our email at The Candle: editor@thecandlepublishing.com